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360 iCase Management lets non-profit organizations serving youth achieve better success rates with outcomes-based client tracking software that is flexible, easy to use, and secure.

An overview of our features -
Client Management
From date of entry to date of discharge, manage client information all in one location for easy reference.
Incident Tracking
Manage incidents and work flow associated with open and escalated incidents.
Academic Planning / Reporting
Map a student's historical performance to academic standards for pinpointing best path to academic success with automated report card tools.
Medical / Mental Health
Track medical / mental health plans and observations for wellness goals, indicators, and emergency situations.
Track residential observations for a complete picture of youth wellness / indicators.
Keep youth on track by tracking and measuring vocational training, attendance and performance.
Track family goals and interactions.
Transition to Independence
Track and measure overall success in transitioning to independence for gauging success / performance of the organization which helps secure future funding.

360 iCase Management is setup specifically to meet your goals for tracking, measuring and reporting. You pick the modules you want, the fields you want and create reports that are meaningful to you and your funding sources and government bodies. The result, increased operational performance and better client outcomes

Easy to Use

360 iCase Management is a web-based application. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to work from any location, anytime. Our fully redundant hosting environment allows you to have comfort about up-time, backup strategies and support without the price tag of an IT infrastructure and support staff. The result, low learning curve + high staff adoption / usage of software = better outcomes and funding reports.


We understand that your data is highly sensitive and protecting it as if it were our own, we protect it with the highest level of data encryption and standard industry practices for preventing unauthorized access and usage into our data online and in our data centers.


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