Sat | June 6 | 2020

360 iCase Management was developed by R&B Communications with the help of their client, Charis Youth Center of Grass Valley, CA. Once developed, both parties realized the potential to distribute this powerful technology to other similar youth organizations who were looking for increased efficiencies and better outcomes.

We believe that success starts and ends with passion which drives our commitment to each and every client. The majority of our clientele are non-profit agencies and we enjoy working to build better communities.

R&B Communications was formed in 2002 in Nevada City, California by an agile group of technologists that wanted to make a meaningful impact on the world. Getting connected electronically to do business better, faster and more cost-effectively was at the tip of everyone's tongue and in every business magazine when R&B Communications set out to take the mystery out of technology and to help make it the great equalizer.

We do not outsource any work to any other country. All of our consulting, system development, hosting and marketing solutions are made in U.S.A. and we believe it is important to fuel our own economy.

We offer simple, straight talk without using complex buzzwords that muddy communication. We are a real-world technology company that is committed to a long lasting relationship which means keeping our promises, high touch communication and delivering wowing products and services with a dash of fun.

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