Sat | June 6 | 2020

“76% of non-profits still use spreadsheets and paper to track client service information, and almost 50% of them indicated they were not satisfied to somewhat satisfied with these tools.”
    - Npower Survey of IT Use in Non-Profits

Created by service providers for service providers

360 iCase Management was built by successful practitioners that couldn't find an off-the-shelf software solution that matched their service model. Charis Youth Center of Grass Valley, California built and deployed a solid service model that has been heralded for its best practices and outstanding outcomes. Today, their best practices are being modeled after in a nationwide coalition of youth services non-profits.

Meet mission goals

Charis developed the Youth Case Manager to incorporate seven (7) core areas (modules) which allow service providers to assess and develop the client as a whole, rather than their parts. This real-time holistic perspective helps guide management, motivates staff, and allows the organization to focus on meeting mission goals collectively and individually.

Doing something different

“The statistics for foster youth are frightening if they don't graduate from high school. About two-thirds of foster care youth end up homeless, in jail or dead within 18 months of emancipation. If we can help these kids to graduate, their chances for making it increase exponentially. Something different needs to be done and we've taken on that challenge.” Carol Fuller Powell, Ed.D. Executive Director at Charis Youth Center.

What makes 360 iCase Management different is the Academic Planning and Reporting module. The module contains all of California's State Framework Standards. Each youth's academic history can be mapped against the standards to see what is missing to fulfill high school graduation requirements. This placement process avoids a student having to repeat instruction that is already satisfied and keeps the student on target and motivated for graduation.

This uniquely individual approach is made possible by the flexibility of the software and significantly increases chances for successfully transitioning more youth to long term independence. It just can't be done with paper or spreadsheets.


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